How to Fold Gyoza

February 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

You all will be overjoyed to know I threw myself on the gyoza grenade today and finally figured out how these little suckers are folded. I blame this all on a pack of frozen, ground venison that fell out of the freezer and onto my foot. I decided we needed to do something different with the ground meat since it’s always a lot of chili, chili, chili, meatloaf, chili in the winter. Don’t get me wrong. I love chili and meatloaf alike. Wonderful comfort foods. But sometimes you just have to have a little lighter of a meal and we were short on lunch ideas for the next week.


A Folded and Pleated Gyoza

Once I filled the gyoza, they got plopped onto a rimmed baking sheet and set in the freezer until hardened. Easy peasy from there to pop them loose into a container so we could remove the number we needed any time we wanted. But the folding? That took a couple tries to figure out. Here’s the link to my flickr set showing how it’s done.


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