Winter 2008 Artes Draconis Flying in the Ether

December 1, 2008 § 4 Comments

I’ve just (supposedly successfully) emailed the PDF of the Winter 2008 Artes Draconis magazine I guest edited to the regular editor. He emailed me and said he received. And now we wait. I have no idea when the link on the Midrealm site will become available. But FWIW, I finally had to stop tweaking. God help me for the typos and grammar messups that are still in there….sometimes I hate being a professional and knowing they’re still in there. *sigh* But it’s done. And it’s good. I hope it gets submitted for the Blackfox awards, I really do, because I think it has a shot at winning.

Done now. Back to boring axle assembly diagrams.


So I had this SCA cooking idea and it seems to really be happening…

June 12, 2008 § 5 Comments

Enough people know about this now that I’ve decided to officially let the cat out of the bag in case anyone … uh … is interested, wants to know more, or is curious about the progress (which I am hopeful I will be tracking here to some extent).

The current editor (panzygmunt) and I have come to an agreement where I’ve volunteered to guest edit Artes Draconis for the winter issue (December release, I think).[1] I’ve got a few people lined up to create articles and artwork all centered around medieval cooking and so far the ideas are rolling in. (Props to gwynubis who was the first person to jump on the crazy train with me and say “Woooooot! What a ride this will be!”) [2]

Why I think this is so cool.

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