Rose Tourney Bread Fail

June 8, 2008 § 10 Comments

I’ve never had a loaf of bread utterly fail on me ever. Today apparently is my day. I tested the recipe I was going to make for the 10 loaves I promised to the Rose Tourney feast and…I got nothing (EDIT: Nothing of a rise, that is. We never got to the baking stage as a result of this). New flour, new yeast, even kitchen temps out of the breezes. Nothing wrong that I can find through troubleshooting and literally nothing but a lump of flour and ingredients (and yes I added them all). Crap. I’d hoped to have at least 5 loaves in the freezer by tonight if the recipe worked. Time to regroup.

EDIT: Notes after 18 hours of rise time


Call the President, Mabel

January 2, 2008 § 11 Comments

Iasmin found a stout beer she’ll drink up to half a glass of.

No, not Guinness[1]. Bell’s Cherry[2] Stout. That’s like drinking the Budweiser of stout, I know, but there you have it. I try stout beer every year like I try Brussels sprouts, just to make sure I still hate them. I found out I liked baby lima beans (only the baby ones!) that way.

Apparently I found a stout beer I’ll drink now too. Thanks to Goldilocks leaving his beer at our house [3]. I can’t drink a lot of it, but a half a glass[4] is much better than a sip and stinky face. So, if you know of stout beers in the same general flava category as Bell’s Cherry, let me know.

~ iasmin

[1] The bubbles taste wrong. They have a flavor and shape to me that makes my mouth try to spit it out automatically because it tastes like lumpy chemicals.

[2] Sorry to the Divine Ms. A. I’ll promise not to drink it in front of you.

[3] Along with the porter, which I’m confident I won’t drink. So yay to the Big Guy for his free beer.

[4] Damn stuff is like bread. I’m full half way through the bottle.

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