At least it’s not a car payment

July 7, 2008 § 7 Comments

I set aside money every month to make sure we have some for emergency expenses. That doesn’t mean I have to like spending it. $400+. The first in a very long time, so I’m grateful. And even more so that I don’t actually have a car payment, as this vehicle is completely paid off.

But I still don’t have to like spending the money.



I’m Psychic

November 3, 2006 § 4 Comments

Remember the whole skepticism involving the free transmission and me certain that there was something else behind their generosity? Well, I’m psychic. I submit to you the first few lines of the mail I received yesterday:

Why I’m psychic.

So Far This Morning…

October 31, 2006 § 6 Comments

I’ve been banned from talking about food before 11am at work because I’m making my cow-orkers (sic) too hungry too early. And this, after I brought them Carrot Pie samples. I Win!

But the car stuff is more interesting.

As Iasmin’s World Turns: We’re Packed

August 5, 2006 § 8 Comments

Vinga the Minivan can handle the load but I think it’s because R&A have The Big Guy’s armor and our 4 wooden folding chairs. The suspension is a bit lower than we’d like but we think it’s manageable with all we’ve trimmed off our packing list. We’re ready to go. And we can even see out the back windows. Tomorrow we make the trip to the store for a new ground cloth since ours was absconded with by well-meaning construction guys, then a stop for a coffee carafe and we’re out the door. I do believe I’ll insist on a latte.

As Iasmin’s World Turns: And the Tent Saga

August 5, 2006 § 1 Comment

So in our effort to pack in a lighter and more vinga-friendly manner (Vinga is my minivan for those of you just joining), we have been pairing down our belongings to take minimums. Sadly, the tent is not one of those minimums and I’m grateful. It’s a grand tent. It’s also one of the heaver items we have.

Sadly at the moment, it’s also missing its ground cloth. Now where, you might ask, could said ground cloth be in the Mad Mad World that is Iasmin’s hell?

I’ll tell you.

It’s about 50 miles from our house at a construction site. Apparently the construction contractors thought it belonged to the construction owner and packed it into his truck for him.

Bloody hell.

Looks like we make a trip to the store. Still no word on if Vinga’s suspension is up to the packing.

As Iasmin’s World Turns: Setbacks, Emergencies

August 5, 2006 § 14 Comments

The Big Guy just got back from getting the oil changed in the truck so we could start placing everything inside (the actual packing takes little time in comparison to the gathering). The oil change place informed him that the truck’s gas tank is leaking. Looks like that vehicle is a no-go for Pennsic unless it’s fixed, which can’t happen until Monday minimum. We’re working on downsizing our load, removing heavy items, and repacking everything to see if we can keep from bottoming out the minivan, Vinga (that’s my license plate). If that works, we take the minivan. If it doesn’t work, we don’t leave for Pennsic until Tuesday. Stayed tuned for more in the life of As Iasmin’s World Turns.

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