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Christmas Lights

November 30, 2008 § 12 Comments


LED vs Standard?

Colored vs white?

Steady light vs blinking, trailing, shimmering, sparkling or otherwise doing completely non-normal Christmas light things (not that I want to bias you)?


Me and Becky at the Halloween Party

October 26, 2008 § 4 Comments

Me and Becky
Originally uploaded by iasmindecordoba

A complete case of Synchronicity, likely brought on by discussions of Big City Ball 2 and the tours we took of the Royal Oak Woman’s Club. Both Becky and I dressed up in the style of Rosie the Riveter. I still think Beck’s smile was from pounding jello shots. (Luv ya, Beck!)

The 41 year old bottle of VO that we discovered unloved and unwanted was particularly tasty. The Big Guy’s costume was particularly inspired, I thought, but almost no one got it. The winning costume (set) was The Flintstones (brilliant!).

PS: Yes this is one of the rare times when I’ll let you all see a picture of me. Most of them I don’t like. This one I’m not fond of, but I love Beck, so it goes up.

Cookie Monsters

October 24, 2008 § 3 Comments

Cookie Monsters
Originally uploaded by iasmindecordoba

Not great looking, but I only had a butter knife and no ziplocs to fake a pastry bag.

Misc Things, Pre Happy Labor Day

August 28, 2008 § 8 Comments

1 — To my meat guy at the market: thankyou for obvious care you took to find me exactly the right steak. I find it amusing that you turn your nose up at some of your own stuff and I apologize for making you that picky when I stop by. I know you want me to buy the absolute best. I’m sorry if I ever implied you had otherwise.

2 — To arianna_pheadra and dukeeliahu, I am now in possession of two bottles of Famega and I’m happy to report I can get more any time I want. This one will hit the wine rec list.

2a — Sadly the state of Michigan does not sell St. Germaine.

3 — My fridge is full to bursting with food that will easily take us through next week, has been for the last two weeks, and somewhere in there I’ve managed to lose 7 pounds. Go me.

I think that’s about it. Happy Labor Day upcoming. I plan to listen to Obama’s acceptance speech online if someone broadcasts it and if they don’t, I think one of the local radio stations will. The rest of the weekend, we’ll see what the plans are. Grilling will definitely happen and I think I’m going to Havoc for part of the day.

PS: To the chica walking down the street in her nightie: Girl, you look like a streetwalker. I don’t care if you think you can call it a beach coverup, but flip flops and a tank top don’t make it a sundress. It’s summerweight flannel, for pity’s sake, and I saw it in the sleepwear section of KMart. You look like an idiot. Go home and change.

Post-traumatic 12th Night

January 6, 2008 § 15 Comments

Great event, what I saw of it, since I was in the kitchen. But what I want to know is this:

what sick bastard snuck up on me last night and pummeled all my joints while I was sleeping after driving nails into my feet and how the hell did I sleep through it?

Pics already uploaded though I forgot part way through the plating and serving, and didn’t at all remember during the cooking.

And into the new year

January 2, 2008 § 4 Comments

Missed out on a fine party at The Duc’s and Divine Miss A, but when we looked at the weather radar and the only place not violently white was our house, we decided that despite being enamored of the UP weather this was decidedly not the UP and we weren’t chancing it. To top it off, I’d thrown my back out over the holidays and it was flaring up so honestly I wasn’t comfortable *and* had a migraine to boot (yet another bad weather early warning device brought to you courtesy of my body). In general miserable. Being in a car, more miserable. I ended up with a heat pack on my back most of the night. We went late for fondue at D&S&Ms house and while it was great I was still uncomfy the whole time with the back and head.

Can I get a new year’s do over?

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