Top 5 Things Going for 300 The Movie

December 22, 2007 § 13 Comments

(With apologies to nfdaughter)

1. Man flesh.
2. Lena Headey as the Queen.
3. Man flesh.
4. Quotes for SCA fighters and gaming nights.
5. The soundtrack.
6. Man flesh.

Ok, I said 5, but I needed to say man flesh again. When it was done, at least I didn’t think “damn, that’s time I won’t get back now” (c.f., Van Helsing). But really, folks, were people that impressed with it? On Iasmin’s movie rating system, the top of the scale is “Would have paid full price in New York to see it on opening night.” Most movies rank around the “Happy I went to a matinĂ©e with a coupon” (I’m picky. So sue me.) This movie ranked around “Satisfied we borrowed it so I could say I’ve seen it now.” The man flesh didn’t suck. And Lena Headey is gorgeous in my eyes. The rest? Meh. Sorry if you liked it. Soundtrack still happily stays on the iPod. But…meh.


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