I get serious?

March 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

I went into the kitchen today to make dinner and was preparing to do something simple, apron worthy. Then I started pulling out ingredients and realized that I was about to embark on something more serious in cooking. The thing that cinched it was when I pulled on my chef’s jacket and walked into the library to grab a reference.

“Oooh,” said the Big Guy.

“Oooh? Ooh what?” I asked.

“Oooh you’re serious,” he replied with a twinkle in his eye.

I was actually somewhat confused at that point, thinking perhaps I’d been scowling because we didn’t have any heavy cream in the house.

“You’re serious because you put on The Coat.” he laughed.

Ah. The chef’s jacket. I asked him if it bothered him and he said he wasn’t ever worried, but he always knows he won’t be eating right away when the jacket goes on. But he’ll be eating *something* so he’s content.

*smug grin*

He lubs me.


Moving to WordPress.com for Blogging

February 10, 2009 § 2 Comments

I’ve struggled with this idea for a while. I wanted to make sure that I was looking into everything and I’ve come to the decision that I will be moving my blogging activities to WordPress in the near future. My decision is based largely on LiveJournal’s layoff of their San Francisco staff and the move of their central development to Moscow. I’ve got no problem with the idea of Moscow. Lovely place, in fact. I’d love to visit there. But I feel I need to move to a US-based company that’s planning to stay in the US.

For those of you who follow me pretty regularly and those who don’t follow so regularly, I will still continue blogging, but it won’t be at the account here at Livejournal. I’ll be moving to what was formerly my food-only blog. You can now find me at:


Political statements are very rare coming from me, so I’m sure this decision will disappoint some of you. My apologies for that. I look at many of the things I buy and use now in a different light given the economy and given my current unemployment. Are my decisions perfect? Oh no, not in the slightest. But if I can commit to purchasing 80% of my food locally, then I can do something similar with other expenses too, and this is going to be one of them. I’ll still keep visiting all of my friends here daily to read about everyone’s exploits, but this will be my last post on my Livejournal account.

See you all in the blogging ether. Take care.

Final Count @ the Homeless Shelter

January 28, 2009 § 3 Comments

200 bratwurst and buns
6 #10 cans of mixed fruit salad
6 #10 cans of three bean salad
1 #10 can of sauerkraut
2 industrial sized bags of chips
5 gallons of juice
2 gallons of milk

Monetary cost = ~140$US (we shopped at the last minute, darnit)

Value of them saying thankyou = Priceless

My god I’m bushed. Major props to the people who helped out: Rebekah & Cyndi, Don, Tom & Trish, Lisa, Tim & Aimee, and Tommy.

We Are Not Afraid

January 20, 2009 § 1 Comment

I posted this on rufinia‘s LJ page and liked it so much to sum up today that I’m posting it here too:

Tonight, let us shake this cave. Tonight, let us tremble these halls of earth, steel, and stone, let us be heard from red core to black sky. Tonight, let us make them remember, THIS IS ZION AND WE ARE NOT AFRAID!– Morpheus in The Matrix, Reloaded

Yep. Hard work ahead. But tonight, let us shake these halls of earth indeed.

Protected: The Phoenix of Dreams

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Dear Iasmin, Sincerely Pigeon Man

January 7, 2009 § 13 Comments

I have a good friend, from a former company I worked for, that I have once or twice referred to as “The Pigeon Man”here on the blog. He raises pigeons like my grandpa used to and we always had some of the best discussions about his birds. Well, Pigeon Man reads my blog and sees my food postings all the time and he recently sent me an email asking me for some help in that field. I asked him if it was okay if I posted his question here on my blog because I have a great number of “foodie” friends who will probably have some interesting answers for his question. Here is his email:
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More on Food and Repurposing

January 4, 2009 § 10 Comments

One of the big things Mr Man and I have worked on over the last year is our food consumption. Not only have we attempted to reduce it, but we’ve worked hard to avoid waste. Honestly it’s become a near obsession for us, to the point that when we notice someone throwing out something or possibly getting rid of it, we offer to take it (note to self, I’m an idiot for not catching the meatballs from Big City Ball).

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